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New Moon in Scorpio~ 5th November 2021 ~ 8:14 am (Sydney, Australia time)

Light Language Oracle by Bianca & Ivy ~ Yin Set.

Card 13. Death "Forgive the past, there's nothing new, acceptance is all there is to do."

And the Word said... "Let Maya flourish and let deception rule"; "Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant" ~ The Books of Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Hello Intuitive Soul, welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio!

Scorpio brings the energy of the occult, secrets, sex, death and all things deemed dark and taboo. What does this mean? It doesn't have to mean anything! Remember, "NoThing means anything until you give it meaning" however for many, Scorpion energy and associated topics can bring unwanted feelings and fear, due to the mass imbalance and misunderstanding around how the duality of light and dark within 3d consciousness works.

With All Hallows' Eve, aka: Halloween just passed, where the veil between worlds is thinnest, it is a wonderful time to connected with passed on loved ones, ancestors, your spirit guides and even your higher Self. This new moon can help you explore the inner depths of your soul. To dive deep into those parts of you, that you suppress and keep hidden from others due to fears, such as judgment or the unknown. What do you need to shed and let die, so you can make space for the new to come in? What old habits, addictions, assumptions, beliefs do you continue to give energy to, knowing that they no longer serve you? Go deep into the heart of your Being, and listen to what your Spirit, your breath is wanting to express.

Scorpion new moon works with the Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. This Law states that energy is forever moving into form, through form and back into form. Philosophy from "the worlds first millionaire" Andrew Carnegie said, "Any idea that is held in the mind, that's emphasized, that's either feared or revered will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available." This law allows for the non-tangible, such as thought to manifest as something tangible. How does that translate into your life right now and interact with the current world as a whole energy?

An easy way to use this law is to observe your current environment and see what is starting to move into physical form, then you know what you have been truly thinking and what subconscious beliefs are in your energy field. Buddha said it this way, "Good thoughts will produce good actions, and bad thoughts will produce bad actions. Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred ceases by love." The word hatred can be inter-changeable with the word fear.

Ask your self, what human need, e-motion, desire within you wants to be satisfied?

ie: If you are poor and want to be wealthy, continuing to think you are poor, will not bring you the wealth you desire. You must first give yourself natural wealthy thoughts, this will bring you into alignment with the vibration of wealth, thus allowing the law of attraction to complete the process. By satisfying your need, you can then shift and birth your new identity!

If you want to know more about the Laws and how they work get in touch, these are topics I have been obsessed with for over a decade, experiencing them through manifestation techniques and personal life experiments. I love this stuff!

From my heart to yours. Wishing you authentic transformation and rebirth this month. Here is your guide to creating this months' Powerful New Moon Intentions...

Happy New Moon Manifesting!

Set the scene & create sacred space

Get in alignment with a short meditation (The colours orange and aqua marine will help integrate your 3D and 5D energy bodies)

Confidently Affirm out loud: (say and feel 1 or more that resonates)

* "I accept all aspects of myself, including those parts of Self I keep hidden from others"

* "I forgive my past, knowing I have grown from those experiences"

* "I am the alchemist of my life, I am reborn and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix"

Perform a Ritual: (do as many that FEELS in alignment for you)

* Allow yourself to recall a past embarrassing or uncomfortable moment from a 3rd person perspective. Forgive and accept the scene from a 3rd persons' non attached point of view, giving the situation little significance. Hug yourself, smile and say "I Love You"

* Imagine and write down what you would do or who you would be, leaving out the concept of money. (ie: either money did not exist or you had so much money you never needed to worry about money again) Imagine which ever feels most natural and non-resistant

* Enjoy a sexual evening in Self exploration or with a consenting Lover, who you trust and feel safe with. Feel, relish and give into your deepest desires.

Scorpio New Moon Wishes: Sun & Moon Mantra

"I feel into my deepest desires and give them space to be freely expressed"

***Remember to add the phrase "I Surrender my Intentions to the Divine, may they manifest under Grace." after any Intention setting***

Essential Oil to use for the Month: Myrrh

Myrrh was said to be one of the gifts the 3 wise men gave to baby Jesus. Myrrh is an oil resin from the Commiphora shrub and throughout history has been used as a perfume, incense and medicine. Myrrh has powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat. It is also soothing to the skin when applied topically, promoting a smooth, youthful looking complexion, it was also used as an embalming ointment when preparing bodies for burial. Myrrh also promotes emotional balance and well-being when used aromatically.

*Contact me anytime of the month & receive 25% off DoTerra Pure Essential Oils.

Myrrh 15ml bottle normal price $123.33, your investment $92.50 + plus postage. (orders are placed between the 1st - 13th of every month.

Want to know more? Get in touch...

Thank you for your Passion & Presence, I look forward to our next New Moon Manifested!

with Love, Light & Appreciation

Beautiful B


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