Intuitive Healing Channel

I AM Your Guide

Hello Beautiful Being, my name is Bianca and I help people on their awakened journey gain clarity on their Souls path, so they can live their truth.

As a Projector of Divine Wisdom and Consciousness, I can help guide you in understanding and use of your  personal intuitive language, so you can align your Body, Mind and Soul to your truth.

One of my Souls' Purpose in this incarnation, is to offer my guidance to those who resonate with my essence.

With my guidance, I work with you to dive deep into your Souls' Purpose, unlocking the Abundance Matrix and Illuminating your Destiny.
You can enjoy both freedom & flexibility working with me, as I tailor offerings to suit your needs, where you can start or stop at any time you desire. In saying that I do highly recommend that you continue with my Mentor-ship for at least 3 months, for you to gain momentum on your path.


  • Self-belief, Confidence & Faith in what you believe to be True

  • Programming your Mind for Success

  • Soul Retrieval & Inner Child Healing

  • How to follow your Intuition Map

  • Self Priming & Intention

  • Unlocking the Abundance Matrix

  • Life-Purpose Clarity

  • Tapping into your innate Gifts of Creativity

  • Energy Alchemy

What you will experience during & after you work with me on your Inner World... your Outer World Reality will fully reflect its' New Abundant Nature!


  • A wkly 1-1 Video Call with me (1 hr)

  • Ask me anything & gain clarity in your life

  • Structured exercises & personal map

  • Access & Discounts to my Events, Workshops & Products

While many of my clients are in the service of healing, you don't have to be in order to benefit from my offerings. My service comes from a passionate desire to serve the greater good & therefore I offer huge value to all who seek my services.

Have you read through my testimonials to see how many beautiful souls like yourself have benefited from a single session with me?

Get in touch and let's chat about your next steps in Being the Change you want to see!

with Love, Light & Blessings

Want to know more... send me a message! I look forward to connecting with you soon.