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Intuitive Healing Channel

I AM Your Guide

Hello Beautiful Being, my name is Bianca and I help people like you, on their awakened life journey... To gain clarity on your Souls' path, through the awareness of your personal intuitive language, so you can align your Body, Mind & Soul to the life you want to live, in your innate truth.

One of my personal missions in this incarnation, is to offer my guidance from my own personal knowing of Divine Wisdom and Consciousness, to those who resonate with my essence.

My intention & vision for you, when working with me, is for you to believe in yourself & know your worth, so that you embody your own personal presence, have clarity & feel empowered to take the next steps into your unknown future, with trust & Love.

In my mentorship program you will learn & experience, how being present, understanding & following your unique intuitive language gives you, your own map, an inner guidance system. Like a car GPS, so you know where to go.

This clarity will have you feeling confident & empowered, trusting your self to take inspired action on your unfolding path & bringing light to your destiny. Giving you the keys to unlock your Abundance Matrix.


  • Clarity in your Purpose & Direction

  • Know your Intuitive Language

  • How to follow your Intuition Map

  • Program your Mind for Success

  • Self Priming & Intention Setting

  • Self-Belief & Empowerment to take Action

  • Awareness of & in other levels of Consciousness

  • Keys to the Abundance Matrix


  • A wkly 1 hr Video Call with me.

  • Ask me anything & gain clarity in areas where you feel stuck.

  • Tools & resources from my years of developing expertise & wisdom in this field

  • Access & Discounts to my Events, Workshops & Products

My service to you, was born from my own experiences of navigating my awakening & re-learning how to use all the gifts that have come to life. With this wisdom, I am passionate to help people to do what they love, so we may remember & know our truth...  we are born worthy.

Have you read through my testimonials? Check out how many curious souls like yourself have benefited from sessions with me.

Get in touch to chat about your next steps in Being the Change you want to see!

Email me for your free 20min "Let's Connect Call."

with Love, Light & Blessings

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