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My History

At a young age, I knew and understood energy, but I never knew how I knew.  Because of the need for my mind to understand why I knew something, I rarely believed in this knowing. In 2007 after being gifted a deck of Angel cards by an Aunty, I began to understand this energy through giving myself, family and friends readings. It was through these experiences that I developed my own intuitive language & was able to confirm my own inner knowing of claircognizance.

In 2011 and 2012, for personal health reasons, I changed my diet to eat a raw vegan diet, only eating whole vegetables and fruits for a year, eliminating all other oil substances and liquids other than water. During this time I attended over 8 personal development intense courses and camps and it was at an Enlightened Warrior Camp that I first experienced what you could call a “Spiritual Awakening”.

This “Awakening” opened my intuition to further experience other metaphysical senses, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairempathy and naturally attracted me to be in the presence of Shamans and other Energy Masters.

Through a combination of life experiences, in cleansing the body, curiosity, self-study, trust, meditation, guidance from mentors and healing from past traumatic events, I have been led to my Inner calling of “Alchemist”. My life purpose is now clear, as I journey to further learn, grow and share my innate gifts with you and community, imprinting the New Earth grid with the Love and Light we came here to be.

My Philosophy

It is my belief & understanding that everything is Energy and Energy is everything. Through my own personal experiences, I have learnt, as humans, we all have the ability to create & manifest the world around us. We do this through resonating with vibrations of energy... in our belief systems (conscious & unconscious, subconscious); the thoughts we think; the feelings we feel (emotions - energy in motion) & the actions we choose to take.

The first step towards transformation & Alchemy is to have awareness of your truth & who you are.


Through directed Attention & Intention your true path can be illuminated, for you clearly see & hear the calling of your Soul. With the flow of Energy from Infinite Source & your active participation, you can choose to release blocks & clear energy that is no longer serves you. Allowing you to come to balance & Live from your center. 


I am inspired by each person’s innate wisdom to transform oneself, each having the gift of unique creativity. I feel blessed to be able to offer you the sharing of my resources & wisdom, being a vessel to direct & channel Divine Energy, so you too can awaken, balance & remember who you are.


Let the Power of Love Shine


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PUBLISHED AUTHOR of 'The Embodied Light Language Oracle' Yin & Yang Cards & Guide Books

~ Awakened Breath High Impact Healer Certification​

*Truma Informed Awakened Breath Breathwork Specialist

~ Peak Potentials & Success Resources ~ Certificates from Quantum Leap University

*Millionaire Mind Intensive

*Master Your Mind & Mind Power

*Train the Trainer

*Mission to Millions

*Guerrila Business Intensive

*Enlightened Warrior Camp

*Ultimate Leadership Camp

*Wizard Camp

*Ultimate Internet Boot Camp


~ Polaris International College ~ Transformational Kinesiology Certificates

*TK Foundation

*TK Level 1

*TK Level 2

*TK Level 3

*TK Level 5

*TK Esoteric Astrology 1

*TK Esoteric Astrology 2

*TK Life Empowerment 1

*TK Life Empowerment 2

*TK Inner Leadership

~ Reiki Infinite Healer ~ Reiki Certificates & Attunements

*Usui Reiki Level 1 / Shoden

*Usui Reiki Level 2 / Okuden

*Tummo Reiki Attuned 4.0 (Inner Heart)

Other Mentors & Courses:

~ Four Winds Society

*Munay-Ki Rites (Shamanic Initiations)

*Healing the Dark Side

~ Tony Robbins

*Unleash the Power within

~ Joe Dispenza 

~ John Kehoe

~ Bruce Lipton

~ Alberto Villoldo

~ Neville Goddard

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

~ True Source – My own Intuition

~ Ancestors Past, Present & Future

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