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Alchemy Treatments

Energy Alchemy transmutes lower vibrational Energies & clears space within the luminous body field to allow an integration of higher frequency codes.

Oracle Cards

Live Online & In Person Sessions

What are Psychic Intuitive Readings?
My Spirit Guides connect with your All Knowing Self. Using my unique Intuitive Language (Various Psychic Abilities) I translate the information to get the most accurate messages for you. Sometimes a past over loved one can come through with a message for you. 

When to receive a Reading? The best time to receive a reading is when you are looking for clarity about a situation, if you are at a cross roads in making a decision, having relationship issues, not sure why somethings are happening, feeling disconnected.

During Your Reading
Multiple Oracle Card decks that resonate with your energy are used to provide you with clear messages. Any amount of questions & situations can be asked throughout your reading. We start with Intention setting using a Shamanic Fire ritual & connect to your All Knowing Self for Spiritual & Practical Guidance. Readings end with a Healing process. When timing permits your reading can also include a grounding & shielding process. 

Online sessions are connected through zoom.

All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.


Live Online & in Person Sessions

What is Energy Alchemy?
As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are conduits for Universal Life Force Energy to flow through us. Throughout experiences in life, Energy, Chi & Life Force, can become stuck & stagnant. Energy Alchemy is a redirection of Energy through the Compassionate Heart. This allows for the Body, Mind & Spirit to focus on the energy of Love thus bringing you back in to harmony with Self.

Is Energy Alchemy for me?
Allowing yourself to be open to receiving a different form of healing can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect...

Energy Alchemy transforms an unbalanced state of Being into a flow state. Restoring & reuniting the Mind, Body & Spirit with its' natural harmony & alignment. It can help the body release stress & tension, it can dissolve energy blocks & cords of attachment. It can assist the body in cleansing toxins & supporting the immune system. It can relieve pain & accelerate the bodies ability to self heal. You will have a deeper connection to your heart, all knowing Self & the Earth. This also provides an Energetic boundary to your Energy field.

During your Energy Alchemy Session
We start with the Shamanic ritual of intention with Fire & an Oracle card reading, then lay down & relax. During the session different techniques & tools are used as I am guided by Ancestor Wisdom.

Forms of Reiki, Medicine Drum, song, journeying, guided meditation, crystals, singing bowls & Aromatherapy maybe used during your session.

Online sessions are connected through zoom.

In person sessions are performed fully clothed & laying down.
All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.


Live Online Activation

In this session you will experience the activation of your Light Body Field in a process that will give you keys to unlock the doors of your infinite potential.

We will then code your Light Body Field with your Aligned Intention.

Aromatherapy Oil_edited.jpg

This Treatment is currently not available

Home Visits:
1.5hrs - $222

Pure therapeutic Essential Oils
Essential Oils have been used in ancient civilizations & are known to be nature’s medicine cabinet. Pure therapeutic essential oils are natural extracts of fluids from plant materials such as, Flowers, Citrus, Roots, Herbs, Woods, Leaves, Resins and Spices.
How can Aromatic Oils help you?

Applying essential oils along energy meridians & visceral contact points of the back & feet, helps stimulate & balance sympathetic & para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body. It improves well-being by reducing physical & emotional stress & supports healthy autonomic function. Brings feelings of connection, trust, relaxation & grounding.

During your Aroma Healing
I apply (doTerra) pure therapeutic essential oils down the spine & on to the soles of the feet to balance any over-active or under-active chakras. The Healing includes a combination of Aroma Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Energy Clearing, Grounding & Shielding. Leaving you with a balanced relaxed Body, Mind & Soul. 

For sensitive skin or stronger essential oils, coconut oil is used as a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil intensity. 
All sessions start with Shamanic ritual of intention with Fire & an Oracle Card Reading. Sessions conclude with grounding & protection shield process.

Upper body clothing is removed for this treatment & you lay face down. 
All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.

Workshops & Ceremony

4hrs - $177 per person
(Min 4 ppl)


Intuitive Language

Remote Viewing


Water Blessing

Earth & Fire Despacho

What is Intuitive Language? 

One definition of what intuition is… Direct access to unconscious knowledge & an inner sensing to unconscious pattern-recognition, without the need for conscious reasoning. For me, Intuitive Language is my personal developed expression & patterning of inner knowing, that’s is described through psychic (soul) senses.

Intuition is seeing with the Soul” - Dean Koontz

Similar to the unique signature of Love Language, we each also have an unique signature of an Intuitive Language. 

In this workshop you will discover your own personal intuitive language, ways to understand it & how to increase your intuition, to further develop your intuitive language.

What is Remote Viewing? 

RV is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or "sensing" with the mind. (Wiki description)

Early 2020 I had the privilege to learn CRV, from long time Remote Viewer & Psychic Spy, John Vivanco. 

In this remote viewing workshop you will learn & practice a technique called Coordinate Remote Viewing.

What is a Water Blessing Ceremony?

As Women we hold the Waters of Creation (Life) in our Wombs.

The Water Blessing Ceremony Song is has been passed down through many generations across many Tribes of Native America. It is said that every woman that is alive is to sing this song in ceremony at least once in their life, to bless their own waters and the waters of our Great Mother Earth, Pacha Mama.

In this ceremony there will be a calling in of the directions, with Intention, Medicine Wheel offerings, Movements, Singing & Blessings of our Sacred Waters. The Sacred Waters Song is traditionally sung only by women, men are welcome to attend, sitting outside the circle & holding space for the ceremony.

What is a Despacho Ceremony? 

A Despacho ceremony brings a Soul in to right relationship with Father Sky & our Abundant Mother Earth (Pacha Mama), by offering items & gifts that represent a Prayer. The Intentions set in during the Despacho Ceremony are for the collective group & offered for the greater good of all.

An Earth Despacho Ceremony are for  the Intentions & Prayers to unfold during a longer period of time, whilst a Fire element Despacho is for fast transformation of Energy, both being Powerful Ceremonies to transmute energy & create momentum for healing & cleansing shifts to occur.

In the Despacho Ceremony we will call in the directions to create Sacred Space together & create a layered Despacho, offering gifts & prayers to re-align our Soul to be in harmony with Great Spirit and Mother.

Light Language Events

In Person Next Event - TBA

$44 - $88 Depending on Venue

We welcome you to share an evening with us in Exploration, Meditation, Movement, Light Language & Sound activation to attune, ground & integrate.

💝 Opening the evening with Bianca & Ivy, creating sacred space with Soul Intention, using our Light Language Oracle Cards.

🌈 With the Guidance of the Shamanic Drum, together we call in the 7 Directions, the Elements & Archetypes calling in Wisdom & Protection from the Andes.

🌟 Ivy will guide us through our collective Intention with Light guided body flow movements and voice activating light codes that attune you to the light streaming down from the cosmos.

💎 Bianca will guide us through a Shamanic Drum Journey anchoring our collective Intention in alignment with your 8th Energy Center "Viracocha", connecting you to your deep knowing of intuition & illuminating your Soul Purpose. 

Lay down and relax to receive loving vibrations of sound healing from the unique instruments Ivy and Bianca offer during their sessions.

🙏 We send our respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land, past, present & emerging. Honoring our Elders & nurturing our Youth. Aho!

      What to bring:

  • Your Authentic Self

  • An Open Mind

  • Bottle & Water

  • Comfortable clothes & something to keep you warm

  • This is an intimate event

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