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Intuitive Treatments & Services

Alchemy Treatments ~ Transmutes lower vibrational Energies & clears space within the luminous body field to allow an integration of higher frequency codes.


Energy Alchemy


What is Energy Alchemy?
As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are conduits for Universal Life Force Energy to flow through us. Throughout experiences in life, Energy, Chi & Life Force, can become stuck & stagnant. Energy Alchemy is a redirection of Energy through the Compassionate Heart. This allows for the Body, Mind & Spirit to focus on the energy of Love thus bringing you back in to harmony with Self.

Energy Alchemy transmutes lower vibration Energies & clears space in the luminous body field to allow for the integration of Love frequency & codes to be integrated & embodied.

Is Energy Alchemy for me?
Allowing yourself to be open to receiving a different form of healing can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect...

Energy Alchemy transforms an unbalanced state of Being into a flow state. Restoring & reuniting the Mind, Body & Spirit with its' natural harmony & alignment. It can help the body release stress & tension, it can dissolve energy blocks & cords of attachment. It can assist the body in cleansing toxins & supporting the immune system. It can relieve pain & accelerate the bodies ability to self heal. You will have a deeper connection to your heart, all knowing Self & the Earth. This also provides an Energetic boundary to your Energy field.

During your Energy Alchemy Session
We start with the Shamanic ritual of intention with Fire & an Oracle card reading, then lay down & relax. During the session different techniques & tools are used as I am guided by Ancestor Wisdom.


Forms of Reiki, Medicine Drum, song, journeying, guided meditation, crystals, singing bowls & Aromatherapy maybe used during your session.

Pre-scheduled Remote or Live online sessions available

In person sessions are performed fully clothed & laying down.
All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.

Intuitive Breathwork

Intuitive Breath(3)_edited_edited.jpg

What is Intuitive Breath?

Intuitive Breath infuses personalized intention & a flexible, adaptive approach to breathwork, while keeping an intuitive guided structure, with emphasis on ones inner guidance and self-awareness. Intuitive Breath techniques integrate other elements of personal growth, focusing on, mindfulness, meditation and emotional processing, creating a holistic integrated breathwork practice.

Breath work is like a switch for your nervous system. It can turn on, the body's natural rest & digest state, the para-sympathetic nervous system, with slow mindful breath techniques, such as Foundational breath; Turtle breath; Box breathing; Heart Opening breath and Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (aka: Alternate Nostril Breathing or Purifying Channel). By changing to a faster breath rhythm, one can switch on their Sympathetic Nervous System & activate the fight, flight or freeze responses. Practicing breath techniques, such as Bhastrika Pranayama (aka: Breath of fire); Dynamic Breathwork & Sonic Neural (Awakened Breath TM*), can help bring more fire & energy into the body, allowing the body to perform harder physical tasks.

Is Intuitive Breath for me?

Intuitive Breath often provides instant, mental, physical & emotional benefits. Here are some reasons why you would practice Intuitive breath. It reduces stress; provides a safe space for emotional release; improves mental clarity with increased oxygen flow to the brain; connects and aligns the mind, body & soul, deepening Spiritual growth and intuition; enhances physical health and athletic performance, also increases energy levels; provides support in pain management; regulates sleep patterns. When participating Intuitive Breath in group sessions, a sense of social connection, community and support is fostered in the shared experience.

Live online sessions available

In person sessions are performed fully clothed, sitting, standing or laying down.
All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.


Intuitive Oracle Readings


What are Psychic Intuitive Readings?
My Spirit Guides connect with your All Knowing Self. Using my unique Intuitive Language (Various Psychic Abilities) I translate the information to get the most accurate messages for you. Sometimes a past over loved one can come through with a message for you. 

When to receive a Reading?

The best time to receive a reading is when you are looking for clarity about a situation, if you are at a cross roads in making a decision, having relationship issues, not sure why somethings are happening, feeling disconnected.

During Your Reading
Multiple Oracle Card decks that resonate with your energy are used to provide you with clear messages. Any amount of questions & situations can be asked throughout your reading. We start with Intention setting using a Shamanic Fire ritual & connect to your All Knowing Self for Spiritual & Practical Guidance. Readings end with a Healing process. When timing permits your reading can also include a grounding & shielding process. 

Remote & Live Online sessions available

In person home visits & readings at the park

All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.


Pure Essential Oils Massage

Aromatherapy Oil_edited.jpg

My Apologies, this Treatment is currently not available

Pure therapeutic Essential Oils
Essential Oils have been used in ancient civilizations & are known to be nature’s medicine cabinet. Pure therapeutic essential oils are natural extracts of fluids from plant materials such as, Flowers, Citrus, Roots, Herbs, Woods, Leaves, Resins and Spices.
How can Aromatic Oils help you?

Applying essential oils along energy meridians & visceral contact points of the back & feet, helps stimulate & balance sympathetic & para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body. It improves well-being by reducing physical & emotional stress & supports healthy autonomic function. Brings feelings of connection, trust, relaxation & grounding.


During your Aroma Healing
I apply (doTerra) pure therapeutic essential oils down the spine & on to the soles of the feet to balance any over-active or under-active chakras. The Healing includes a combination of Aroma Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Energy Clearing, Grounding & Shielding. Leaving you with a balanced relaxed Body, Mind & Soul. 

For sensitive skin or stronger essential oils, coconut oil is used as a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil intensity. 
All sessions start with Shamanic ritual of intention with Fire & an Oracle Card Reading. Sessions conclude with grounding & protection shield process.

Upper body clothing is removed for this treatment & you lay face down. 
All consultation sessions are private and will remain private.

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