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New Moon in Sagittarius~ 4th December 2021 ~ 6:43pm (Sydney, Australia time)

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

New Moon in Sagittarius~ 4th December 2021 ~ 6:43pm (Sydney, Australia time)

Updated: Jan 1

Light Language Oracle by Bianca & Ivy ~ Yin Set. Card 14. Temperance "Hug someone with all your might, watch as they shine with delight." And the Word said... " Let food be sought" ; "I see the goal, I reach the goal, I see another" ~ The Books of Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology Hello Intuitive Soul, are you ready for this Super New Moon in Sagittarius? I would like to start by writing about the Light Language Oracle card that represents this New Moon... Temperance... Temperance is known for mixing and adding substances or energies together (Tempering) to create a desired or harmonious outcome. Much like the Sagittarius Symbol of the Centaur, being half-man half-horse, the Centaur can teach us how to blend the different aspects within ourselves (Ego and Spirit) until the natural state of love, understanding and relationship is achieved. This can be related to what's going on in the world in this moment in time, with so many different energies being mixed together... a simple way to integrate this energy is to perform the command of the Temperance card. (See ab Let's look at the word Temper, where it is often used in today's society as having a "temper" or more commonly used in it's negative state as having a "bad temper". What does this mean? Perhaps a simple description is, the merging of opposing forces that have come together and are not in understanding of each other. Bad tempers or expressed anger can be reflected externally as a way for our subconscious minds to bring us into the awareness that there are energies within that is causing dis-ease due to the lack of understanding. As within, so without. Personal story interlude... I have experienced many bad temper moments in my life, and along with that have felt societies' shame and blame for having a bad temper, however the judgement of this behavior does not allow for healing to occur. I am not saying having a bad temper is a good thing, naturally I would have learned this behavior from somewhere and have also been on the other side of someone having a bad temper towards me and it's not a joy ride... however lower vibrational states such as anger has been a part of the Human experience for a long time. One can use this passionate power within as a Sacred Friend, by choosing to become aware that there are opposing forces within that are not in harmony with each other.

The simple act of awareness can transcend the fiery e-motion (energy in motion) into conscious action, especially when love and understanding are added to the mix. Having an understanding on what Triggers you is Key. In my case injustice, feeling powerless and being misunderstood in a situation could get me fired up and that's an understatement! When we acknowledge, accept and work with our anger and triggers, we maintain Self-control and harness our Inner Power. This action of balancing the judged feelings allows for a higher state of consciousness to flow into our conscious mind and naturally creates a Loving Energetic Field and boundary around our physical body which then acts as a force field of immunity, where it is safe to feel again.

"Having an understanding on what Triggers you is Key.

BTW If you are on the receiving side of someone having a bad temper and you respond with love it is most likely that you have healed this wound, however the energy is still resonant in your energetic field, you can clear this energy through simple ritual. When the energy is completely gone you will never attract someone having a bad temper towards you or even near you again. What is this Magical New Moon bringing?... This Sagittarius New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse and it's the last new moon of the year! As with all Eclipse energy there is a Portal available to move through and with the Archer pulling back his bow... do you know where you're aiming? This portal brings an opportunity to (re)claim new energy, a new you and align yourSelf to your destined path. Everyone will feel this energy differently... some feeling this cosmic energy in the area of change, growth and expanded knowledge. Others in the area of prioritising their own personal health and well being and setting healthy boundaries. Others through articulating & expressing their truth, valuing their own gifts and aligning with abundance. Whatever beautiful life happenings are going on for you, do your best to LET GO of the old beliefs, old identities, old stories that are holding you back from moving into your next chapter of life. Moon energy is the divine feminine, water energy, remember to be in the flow of life. Your e-motions are your intuitive guide, observe them and allow your attention and focus be on your desired feelings, let them invoke a sense of gratitude for ALL that is!

We are all here with our own unique purpose and our perspectives on what is true will look and sound different from each other. There is no right or wrong way to be on your path, so step into your heart and live in the essence of Your truth. Another Personal story interlude... I was watching Kungfu Panda 3 with my son the other day and Po the Kungfu Panda was given the task of teaching his friends how to fight. He felt so much pressure & lacked confidence because most of them were already better fighters then he, so he didn't feel like he had anything to offer. Po eventually realised, it is was not his job to teach them how to fight like him... his job was simply to bring awareness to each individuals unique qualities, thereby allowing them to amplify and expand into their true place in life. Not sure why I wanted to mention this story... If any of my personal story interludes have resonated with you, leave me a comment or send me a message, I would love to hear how. From my heart to yours. Wishing you a Positive Portal of gratitude this month, be kind and gentle towards yourself and others. Here is your guide to creating this months' Powerful New Moon Intentions... Happy New Moon Manifesting! Set the scene & create sacred space Get in alignment with a short meditation (The colours to work with are violet and clear golden this will help integrate your 3D and 5D energy bodies) Confidently Affirm out loud: (say and feel 1 or more that resonates) * "I AM blessed knowing that everyday in every way i feel better and better." * "Life is an adventure and I love it!" * "The Infinite Intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me my true place in life" Perform a Ritual / Action: (do as many that FEELS in alignment for you) *Visualise yourself doing what you love in the place where you love to be (Seed - using all your senses) * Take a personal development class or study a subject of interest * Have something you have written published * Ask for a Spiritual teacher to come in to your life ( * Let "Ah" be your sound to activate your crown energy cente Sagittarius New Moon Wishes: Sun & Moon Mantra "I embrace who I AM as the Being i was always meant to be. I feel aligned" ***Remember to add the phrase "I surrender my intentions to the Divine within, may they manifest under Grace and in perfect ways." after any Intention setting*** Essential Oil to use for the Month: Sandalwood Sandalwood is considered a sacred oil. It has been used for centuries and was traditionally used as an incense in religious ceremonies enhancing meditation. The Egyptians used Sandalwood for embalming. It can help you be in alignment with your Souls purpose. Sandalwood has a grounding effect with a sweet woody and uplifting aroma and can also be used on your skin for beauty treatments. 100% pure forms can be ingested when mixed with food. *Contact me anytime of the month & receive 25% off DoTerra Pure Essential Oils. Sandalwood 5ml bottle normal price $147, your investment $110 + plus postage. (orders are placed between the 1st - 13th of every month. I would like to Thank You for your support in subscribing and reading my new moon offerings this year. Whilst I do enjoy writing these posts, it makes it all the sweeter knowing that you receive value from reading them. I love you! To say thank you I would like to offer all my subscribers a 2 for 1 Special Offer... As a thank you, with any Scent of Self perfume purchased this month, you will receive a tempered Sandalwood & FC oil easy roll-on perfume. Visit my website and check out my 'Scent of Self' perfumes on the product page or simply get in touch with me. Want to know more? Get in touch... Thank you for your Passion & Presence, I look forward to our next New Moon Manifested! with Love, Light & Appreciation Beautiful B


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