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New Moon in Leo ~ 8th August 2021 ~ 11:50 pm AEST

Very appropriate card for this month, from Light Language Oracle by Bianca & Ivy ~ Yang Set.

Card 32. Crown "Skip and jump, child like Joy much fun to be had while in the void."

And the Word said... "Let other forms exist. I rule", "I am That and That am I", ~ The Books of Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Happy New Moon in Courageous Leo Intuitive Soul.

As I write this we are still moving through the energy of the first Full moon in Aquarius, I say first because the next full moon on the 22nd of August will also be in Aquarius. We have incredible opporUnities right now to fully utilize Aquarian energy. Aquarian energy calls us to enVision a utopian Future, my kind of life, yes that means lots of Nature, Love, Laughter, Connection, Freedom, Rainbows and of course Unicorns! Be sure to activate your HUMANitarian & ACTivism, please do indulge in topics that your healed heart loves and allow yourSelf to be as weirdly wonderful as you are. When you Accept yourself the way you are, with all your perfect imperfections, your personal feelings of belonging expands and authenticity shines. Always remember to Consciously Breathe!

I am so excited for this new moon in Leo, with the powerful Sirian Star System beaming (new) "ancient" light codes of Universal Wisdom to us all on Earth at this time. This highly supportive energy will peak on the day of the Leo new moon and during Lions Gate, 8/8, when the Earth and the Sirius Star System align. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in Egypt are fully activated, giving us access to the knowledge of the Golden Age of Consciousness, so be sure to attune your frequency to Love and tune in to receive the remembering of your Souls Purpose.

Side story... During the 2018 Lions Gate Portal, my 2011 awakening was Powerfully REactivated and I was propelled in to my life mission, with a huge cross roads choice. I had no idea what was going on at the time and wasn't part of any community I could talk with. I learned of Lions Gate a few weeks later and started to receive streaming downloads of knowledge and it all started to make sense to me. If this feels like something you might be experiencing, my words of advice is to surrender to what is and trust and embrace the changes you may be going through, they are for your highest well being, most importantly listen to your intuition and only take Aligned Action, meaning action from a place of Love (not fear). If you would like guidance navigating these times, my services are available and a processing plan specifically for you can be co-created.

The numerology of this New moon is potent, as it represents Infinite Possibility, Abundance, Prosperity, Inner Knowing, Ancestor Wisdom and DNA (re)Structure. To get the most benefit of any new moon, have daily intention and practice self care. What does self care look like? Slowing down, breathing deeply, drinking water consciously, sleeping well, eating intuitively for your body, accepting yourself how and where you are in this moment, enjoying sunshine and earthing, connecting with your own creative energy and communicating with loved ones that support who you be.

We all know about what the Leo Lion represents... that fiery passion of the courageous heart... You may be feeling a call to Step in to your confident Truth and Sovereign Power, Embracing your Independence and still being part of an integrated collective. There's never been a better time! I want you to know there is a massive network of thriving souls whose energy you can connect with and when in doubt of what to do, learn from Kids! Children know exactly how to be themselves and still be a part of the whole. It's time to make up your own rules on how you would like to play your game of life. It's time for you to fully activate your Intuitive guidance system, "your intuition", to follow your heart in to the unknown. Do your own experiments on how you feel... when you listen to the chaos outside of you, are you confused, do you tense up and have self doubt? Then breathe and come to stillness, notice how you feel when you listen to the feeling of your Heart. Is there anticipation, does your imagination get activated and feelings of expansion of what could be possible flow in to mind? It is your individual Beingness, that is creating your tomorrow, your emotions and thoughts... these are Powerful Creators, they are your Energetic Vibrational make up and frequency you are attuned to. Remember we are all vibrational energy. Now more then ever it's time to Remember who you Truly are... You are the One you've been waiting for.

From my heart to yours. Wishing you a playful Sovereign Being Utopian month. Here is your guide to creating this months' Powerful New Moon Intentions...

Happy New Moon Manifesting!

Set the scene & create sacred space

Get in alignment with a short meditation (The colours of yellow and orange will help integrate your 5D and 3D energy bodies)

Confidently Affirm out loud: (repeat daily ~ 1 or more that resonates)

* "I allow myself to be how I wish to be"

* "I let my true self shine in the world"

* "I embrace my unique differences and feel at home (oneness)"

* "I let my inner child play"

Perform a Ritual: (do one or all)

* Make up a game to play with a friend, where you make all your own rules (Does your game have rules? (The rules or lack of rules, can offer great insight in to how you play your life)

* Laugh out loud daily (for no apparent reason, see how long you can laugh for)

* Get your sexy on, do some sensual dancing or be romantic with your lover

* Engage your creativity, writing, drawing, painting, anything that feels playful

Leo New Moon Wishes: Sun & Moon Mantra

"I align with my Hearts truth and share Love and Joy"

***Remember to add the phrase "I Surrender my Intentions to the Divine, may they manifest under Grace." after any Intention setting***

Essential Oil to use for the Month: Cinnamon

Cinnamon bark essential oil is one of my favorites. It activates the Sacral chakra and stimulates your sexual energy, which when combined and with channeled intention is a powerful catalyst for creation. It's aroma support that get up and go feeling during the Winter months and a few drops into a cup of hot Cacao is deliciously divine!

*Contact me anytime of the month & receive 25% off DoTerra Pure Essential Oils.

Cinnamon 5ml bottle normal price $41.33, you investment $31 plus postage. (Pick up available, postage free when orders are placed between the 1st the 12th of any month.

Want to know more? Get in touch for personal Oracle divination and guidance.

Thank you for your Passion & Presence, I look forward to our next New Moon Manifested!

with Love, Light & Appreciation

Beautiful B


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