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New Moon in Gemini ~ 10th June 2021 ~8:52pm AEST

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Light Language Oracle by Bianca & Ivy - Yin Set

Card 6. The Lovers "Look in the mirror and I will find, forever love staring back in kind."

And the Word said... "Let instability do it's work"..."I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow." ~ The Books of Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Hello Intuitive You,

How have you been feeling whilst passing between the Present Eclipse Portal over the past few weeks? Have you been aware of the opportunities in timeline shifting that are available to you?

New Moon energies always bring a cycle of new beginnings, planting new seeds, intention setting, reflection, retrospection and is the perfect time to gain clarity before moving forward with any practical plans you may have imagined. The Twins carry the energy of polarity, thoughts, communication, mind and how we connect with each other.

Eclipses are powerfully charged energies and when combined with Full Moon and New Moon Energies, the possibilities that are offered can propel you far forward in to your personal growth and learnings in Consciousness.

This Month's New Moon in Air sign Gemini (The Twins) is indeed a Powerfully Charged New Moon with it being accompanied by a Full Solar Eclipse, the North Node, it's home planet Mercury in retrograde and all the while squared to the Heart feeling & mystic planet of Neptune. What does all this mean for you, I hear you ask?

This New Moon is a prime time for you to be conscious & aware of the truths & lies you have been telling yourself. Are you speaking your truth and if not, why are you covering it up?

Bring these energies in to balance so you can shift your perspective & energetically align yourself to your Heart & Purpose, focusing on your True North. It's a time to elevate your language & transform any lower vibrational thoughts that are not serving you. Momentum is backing you for a chance to start again in the area of communication, both written and verbal. (get in touch with me for Mind Mastery techniques that can completely shift your reality)

With the energy of last month's Full Moon Eclipse still lingering, it has been a perfect time to release judgement, to forgive & accept those parts of yourself and others that you have been ashamed of or branded as wrong. It's about recognising that in this beautiful school of life we are blessed to live what our Soul asked to experience before coming in. To learn & grow, so you can offer your unique vibrational Light frequency back in to the Oneness of the Collective Consciousness. How you choose to experience each moment is the story you create & your gift to the World ~ Create Consciously.

Illuminous Saturn is also offering new beginnings in structure & foundations, set practical plans that create long lasting impact for your future. On a grander scale, birthing new structures in communication for the World... it does mean the old structures must fall away to make space for the new to come in. As within, so without, as above, so below. Be gentle and compassionate with Self and Others.

From my heart to yours, wishing you the ability to express yourself clearly, aligned with your truth and accompanied by a huge hug knowing you have made your point lovingly. Here is your guide to creating this months Powerful New Moon Intentions...

Happy New Moon Manifesting!

Set the scene & create sacred space

Get in alignment with a short meditation (visualise your throat surrounded by Turquoise & Sacral chakra sparkling with an Orange Rose colour)

Confidently Affirm out loud: (repeat daily ~ 1 or more that resonates)

* "I remember to Breathe deeply when I feel overwhelmed"

* "I see the gift in every experience"

* "I communicate my truth clearly and with compassion"

Perform a Ritual: (do one or all)

* Hum to out loud, "Hum" is a simple mantra to help balance the Throat Chakra

* Do something you did as a child that made you feel relaxed and grounded.

* Write down your future heart desires and visualise yourself playing out & experiencing them. Ask yourself what does it feel like to do those future things?

***Remember to add the phrase "I Surrender my Intentions to the Divine, may they manifest under Grace." after any Intention setting***

Gemini New Moon Wishes: Sun & Moon Mantra

"I slow down to hear the sweet song of my own creative tune"

Essential Oil to use for the Month: Bergamot

Bergamot is the most delicate of the citrus plants. It is known for it's uplifting and calming abilities. It is able to cleanse and purify environments as well as dissipate anxious feelings and stress.

*Contact me any time of any month & receive 25% off DoTERRA Pure Essential Oils*

Bergamot 15ml bottle normal price $46.70, your investment $35 + postage

Bonus information about the Gemini new moon...

This months numerology is number 3. The number 3 has long been associated with communication, wisdom and good luck. I personally relate number 3 to divine manifestations are unfolding.

Want to know more? Leave me a comment so I know what you're interested in!

Thank you for your Passion & Presence, I look forward to our next New Moon Manifested!

with Love, Light & Appreciation

Beautiful B


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