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New Moon in Capricorn ~ 13th Jan 2021 ~ 4pm AEST

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

"Let ambition rule & the door stand wide." ~ Alice Bailey

(The Books of Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology)

Happy 2021 Intuitive Being!

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Wow! We're here, is it anything you thought it would be?

What insights did you gain about yourself during the past eruptive year?

A little tip when reviewing the past... It's always great to count your blessings! Why? In truth there is no such thing as (linear) Time, so when you are in "The Now" present moment & focus on the blessings of what has been, you are literally injecting those Energetic Blessings in to the past & this can change how certain events have played out. In short "You can literally change the past!" If that's all too mind boggling to comprehend in these few sentences, ask me about expanding on this topic another time.

The 21st of December 2020, marked a significant time in history, with the rare conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter. These two giants in our sky, meeting in close reunion at zero degrees of Aquarius, during our Summer Solstice. This Event was prophesied by many Indigenous Cultures to be the date, we collectively stepped into a new era, "The Age of Aquarius". This has special significance to this particular new moon because Saturn is the Planetary ruler of Capricorn & its been a very long time, that both Planet & Sign have transited through the Air Element of Aquarius together

Saturn is connected to time & is timeless. Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth & in intuitive flow of the 5th Dimension, it's vibrational energy can provide you with expansive insight for your long term goals & intentions for your Soul Path. This is a Powerful New Moon to set strong long lasting foundations, with opportunities to build & restructure any experiences along your Journey (past, present & future). The Intentions you set during this new moon, can revolutionize & Quantum transport you to do what you came here to do.

Whilst Capricorn loves to see results & the fast pace changes of 2020 continue into 2021, instant gratification has no value here. Capricorn with Saturn holds a vision of the greater plan, to cultivate your life's greatest purpose, where you can make your inspired mark in the World & gift your Legacy. The qualities of Capricorn encourage patience & discipline. When I personally think of Capricorn the word "Integrity" immediately comes to mind & in my experience with "Integrity", this usually comes with a large dose of commitment, dedication & perseverance. Lucky for you & me, all this seemingly hard work, can be fun & exciting when listening to your intuition & aligning with the 5D New Earth Frequencies!

How does all this esoteric talk, translate into setting a Powerful New Moon Intention?

Follow these next steps & you will look back a year from now counting your many blessings...

Happy New Moon Manifesting!

  1. Set the scene & create sacred space

  2. Get in alignment with a short meditation

  3. Confidently affirm out loud: (choose 1 or more that resonates)

  4. "I love helping others, whilst following my Soul Path"

  5. "It's so wonderful hearing stories from others, that I have inspired"

  6. "I love seeing my plans work out"

  7. "I am successful in all I do"

  8. Write about your ideal job description ~ Aim high, think expansive & focus on things you can do that will bring about long term success. Imagine or contemplate what it would look & feel like to be an expert at whatever it is you are doing.

  9. Say the Affirmation, read your written description & imagine the feeling Everyday until the Full Moon

  10. Add the words "I Surrender these Intentions to the Divine within"

New Moon Mantra for Capricorn Sun & Moon ~ Happy BirthDay!

"My Soul Path is completely unique to me & there's plenty more where that came from."

I Thank you for your Passion & Presence & look forward to our next Monthly Letter together!

with Love, Light & Appreciation



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