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New Moon in Cancer ~ 10th July 2021 ~ 11:16 am AEST

And the Word said... "Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd exists.", "I build a lighted house and therein dwell", ~ The Books of Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Happy New Moon Beautiful Being of Light. How was your navigation through the intense energetic portals of eclipse season? Did you take notice of which doors closed and which doors opened for you?

Here we are in the home and family astrology house, flowing in the emotional waters of Cancer! With the Moon's sign, being Cancer... honoring your intuition, your deep inner feelings and nurturing your Self during this time is a great idea. The universal law of, "As within so without, as above so below" applies to this months Moon. Focus on what makes you feel nourished and supported and on new inspired ways you can enhance your home and family life connections. What makes you feel at home? What does family mean to you?

The symbol of Cancer is the Crab, that HARD outer protective shell and SOFT tender inside, asks you to find the balance between the two polarities. Where can you express your truth, inner authority and boundaries in a way that feels supportive to yourself and others? Remember the crab carries its home with it where ever it goes. Do you feel at home with yourself? Other great self inquiry questions to ask this new moon are, Do you accept yourself as you are now? Do you accept where you are in this moment? What ever the answer allow the emotions to flow, it is through this awareness and release that new can be birthed.

As always there are many other aspects at play in the sky around new moons, this one is no different, you may see memories from the past and emotional triggers may arise, remember anything that triggers you, is your emotional guidance system saying, it's time for you see what may not be working and to do things differently. Gently release and let go of old ways and allow the new path to emerge with love and compassion for Self and others. Chiron (aka: the wounded healer) is bringing a gentle and supportive healing quality to this New Moon, giving opportunity for you to the see gifts of wisdom from those past (painful) experiences. It's a beautiful time with a nurturing loving vibration to work with.

Other aspects of this new moon energy can help you complete something that has been challenging and of importance to you and can also bring out your creativity, so get musical and artistic during this time.

From my heart to yours. Wishing you a Happy home life this month. Here is your guide to creating this months Powerful New Moon Intentions...

Happy New Moon Manifesting!

Set the scene & create sacred space

Get in alignment with a short meditation (The colours of indigo and orange will help bring balance when feeling out of harmony)

Confidently Affirm out loud: (repeat daily ~ 1 or more that resonates)

* "I lead my life with fearless Love"

* "I am surrounded by Love and spark Joy in those I Love and who love me"

* "I am safe & know the universe has my back"

* "I Love my home life"

Perform a Ritual: (do one or all)

* OM to yourself or out loud throughout the day

* Draw a picture of you and your loved ones surrounded by a big love heart.

* Move or declutter or redecorate your home

* Have a family gathering or invite loved ones to connect (in person or online) or send love to each person individually.

***Remember to add the phrase "I Surrender my Intentions to the Divine, may they manifest under Grace." after any Intention setting***

Cancer New Moon Wishes: Sun & Moon Mantra

"I know where I belong and I feel at home within myself"

Essential Oil to use for the Month: Patchouli

Patchouli essential oil is great for positively uplifting the Spirit. This bushy herb from the mint family can reduce depression and boost the immune system. Its rich chemical properties can have a grounding and balancing effect on emotions when used aromatically and when applied topically is known to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, & promotes a smooth, glowing complexion.

*Contact me any time of any month & receive 25% off DoTERRA Pure Essential Oils*

Patchouli 15ml bottle normal price $37.33, your investment $28 + postage

Bonus information about the Cancer new moon...

This months numerology is number 4. The number 4 is often associated with strong foundations with 4 pillars of being disciplined, strong, reliable and stable. These all relate well to the home and family area. To me, the way the number 4 is written in number form, this number is more representative of a cup or vessel... as you embark on this new moon path, ask yourself what new energies, values, qualities and characteristics would you like to fill your cup with?

This months Light Coded Art is from Light Language Oracle by Bianca & Ivy ~ Yang Set.

Card 42. Surrender "Shamans and Oracles telling you what's near, transmute the energy, there's nothing to fear."

Want to know more? Leave me a comment so I know what you're interested in!

Thank you for your Passion & Presence, I look forward to our next New Moon Manifested!

with Love, Light & Appreciation

Beautiful B


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