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A Message from me in the New Year, 2022...

Hello Beautiful Being, welcome to 2022!

Here we are starting off 2022 with the structured energy that Capricorn loves to be, calling us all to a new perspective in consciousness and awareness of Self.

How did you choose to invest your last days of 2021? Are you aware of which New moon intentions have already come to pass? Who were you with? How did you feel? What state of mind were you in? What did you do? What are you calling in for 2022 and the New Earth Abundance Matrix?

These are some questions I like to contemplate and reflect on their answers, as they give me insights to where I am listening to and following my heart and intuition or sometimes blocking myself from living my most expansive best life. Questioning Self always helps me be aware of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that uplift and inspire me or choices and states that make me feel low energy and stuck... My internal dialog has helped me stay centered amongst the chaos throughout 2021 and the effect of me cocooning meant less interaction with the outside world.

I would like apologize to you, for not posting a new moon intention letter this month or if you felt like I haven't been there for you in 2021... the lack of communication was not intentional, the human part of me has been integrating and is only recently reconnecting to the outer world with the confidence it desires. I am Sorry; Please forgive me; I thank you for your understanding and I love you. I actually did start to write the New Moon letter while away with family, however the words did not flow and so I chose to honor my own Being at the time.

For most of the second half of 2021, I chose to be like the Moon and honor my cycles, to go deeper and fully submerge mySelf in a cocoon of Who AM I and Who do I choose to BE in 2022. Through this process of inquiry I invested many many days and evenings meditating and remembering the past, present and future knowings of the collective conscious and Akashic records. Communicating and experiencing a new level of Power while Being in the I AM Presence. I was shown and had profound experiences playing with The Creators Matrix and whilst words can never describe my now knowingness, I can truthfully inform you,.. Each and every one of us has this Power within to create new worlds and when we govern our lives by Unified Love and the Law of One, our Power to create is infinite. The rational mind can never comprehend this and nor is it meant to. As Human Beings we are meant to uniquely experience this truth and Power through living our own life in our hearts.

How blessed we are to be alive during this time space reality, with Mother Gaia conscious of herSelf as the divine planet she is and we her children with all our human emotions guiding us home to our Father and (each other), the stars.

An announcement for this monthly letter... I have decided to shift my new moon writing energy to create something else in 2022. What's next to come is still unknown as I move with the knowing it is and always will be divinely guided by the power that creates all, Love. From my heart to yours please receive my gratitude for your attention on reading my posts during 2021 and joining me on this small part of our journey... this is just the beginning, there are many more enlightening co-creations to experience together!

Thank you for your Passion and Presence and remember to continue with your New Moon Intentions. Where your attention and intention goes, energy flows and will be manifested!

with Love, Light & Appreciation

Beautiful B

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