Light Language Oracle ~ Movement & Sound Journey with Bianca & Ivy


We Welcome you to join us in exploration of Intention, Movement, Light Language & Sound Journey to Activate, Attune, Ground & Integrate Light Frequencies of Love streaming down from the Cosmos.

"To be honest I had no idea what to expect! I am a yogi, mediator, healer and have tried lots of modalities & out there stuff. Light Language Oracle Event with Bianca & Ivy was next level.  It was a very nourishing journey & I look forward to hosting in my yoga studio soon. Deep gratitude for this experience."

~ Kristina Glitters, Bikram in the Shire Yoga Studio Owner

"I highly recommend their events to everyone who wants to reconnect with inner self & to recharge body, mind and soul. See you there!" ~ Peter Langer

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Fortune Telling Cards

Intuitive Healing Channel

Illuminate Your Path

Energy Alchemist

Energy Alchemy transmutes lower vibration Energies & clears space in the luminous body field to allow for the integration of higher frequency Love codes to be embodied.

What does it mean to be Intuitive?
Intuition is the language of the Soul, it’s purpose is to express the Truth of your Inner Being. 
To be intuitive means that you pay attention and listen to the Call of your Soul Song, in whatever form that may manifest for you. Some people (like my self), have a highly developed intuition language, which manifests itself as multiple Psychic (Soul) abilities.

What is Healing? 
Healing is a form of Energy Alchemy. It is my belief that everything is energy and energy is everything. Through my own personal experiences I have come to understand and know that as spiritual beings having a human experience, we have the ability to co-create with the universe, using our unique gift of imagination & choice. We do this by focusing & holding vibrations of energy in our energetic body, in the thoughts we think which stem from beliefs, in the emotions we feel & in the actions we choose to take. We also experience seen & unseen blocks to our goals, held in our conscious & unconscious minds. Healing involves our, mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies across multiple planes of existence and a multidimensional time space reality to align & balance with our individual truth.

What does it mean to be a Channel? 
In various teachings from ancestors and mentors in many cultures and traditions, it is known that each person carries the innate wisdom to heal themself. Each person having their unique gift of creativity and own divine connection to Source Energy. Channeling is the ability to become a vessel to receive Divine Energy from your Higher Self; Source; Great Spirit; God; The Universe & interpret this information through the Soul.


Intuitive Healing Treatments


Psychic Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Psychic Intuitive Card Readings
My Spirit Guides connect with your All Knowing Self. Using my unique Intuitive Language (Various Psychic Abilities) I translate the information to get the most accurate messages for you. Sometimes a past over loved one can come through with a message for you. 

When to receive a Reading? 
The best time to receive a reading is when you are looking for clarity about a situation, if you are at a cross roads in making a decision, having relationship issues, not sure why somethings are happening, feeling disconnected.

Reiki Treatment

Shamanic Reiki

What is Shamanic Reiki? 
Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that is channelled energy through my Heart & hands then flows out to you. Shamanic Reiki combines both Usui Reiki & Tummo Reiki, with Shamanic Wisdom & Rituals of the Munay-ki Rites. Munay-ki, means I Love you, are rites of the Shaman’s path of the Q'ero nation, the descendants of the Inca; the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru.

Is Shamanic Reiki for me?
Allowing yourself to be open to receiving a different form of healing can be scary, especially when you don’t know what to expect... 

Shamanic Reiki reconnects the mind, body & spirit, bringing it back in to natural alignment & flow state. It cleanses the energetic field & helps the body release stress & tension. It dissolves energy blocks & cords of attachments, including Soul retrieval work from past trauma and past life's. It can assist the body in cleansing toxins & supporting the immune system. It can relieve pain & accelerate your bodies ability to self heal. Feeling connected to your all knowing self, with the clearing, balancing, grounding & protection of your luminous energy field.

Essential Oils

Chakra Balancing with Pure Essential Oils

Pure therapeutic Essential Oils
Essential Oils have been used in ancient civilizations & are known to be nature’s medicine cabinet. Pure therapeutic essential oils are natural extracts of fluids from plant materials such as, Flowers, Citrus, Roots, Herbs, Woods, Leaves, Resins and Spices.
How can Essential Oils help you?

Applying essential oils along energy meridians & visceral contact points of the back & feet, helps stimulate & balance the sympathetic & para-sympathetic nervous systems of the body. It improves well-being by reducing physical & emotional stress & supports healthy autonomic function. This brings feelings of connection, trust, relaxation & grounding.

This treatment is currently not available.


Home Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing
Energy is everywhere and everything. Energies we experience can be light & joyful while others can be heavy & unbalanced. Some Energies from the past (especially traumatic experiences) can get trapped in a place & specific location. Just as a person can (subconsciously) hold on to the Energy of a past negative experience in their body. 

Other Energies can manifest as Entities. Entities can be a person who has passed on and not necessarily be aware that they have died. These Entities tend to stay in places that are familiar to them, such as a house they once lived in. 

Does my Home need Energy Clearing?
It is great to give your home & loved ones Energy Clearings. You can do this using Sage, Palo Santo and/or specific essential oils. Lingering negative Energies & Entities in a home can enhance & contribute to angry outbursts or conflict within relationships, anxiety, depression, not being able to rest or have a good nights' sleep, disconnection to the light & feelings of isolation. Most people are sensitive enough to feel the energy in a room & will intuitively know when Energy needs to be cleared. 


Intuitive Healing Channel Workshops & Ceremonies


Intuitive Language

Remote Viewing

In these Workshops, you will discover your personal Intuitive Language, ways to understand it, how to increase your intuition & how to further develop your unique Intuitive language. You will learn & practice a technique called Coordinate Remote Viewing, allowing you to expand & test your own Psychic abilities.

Group Ceremonies:

Water Blessing

Earth & Fire Despacho​

In these Sacred ceremonies you will connect to your higher self, calling in protection & Intention for the greater whole. Revitalizing your illuminous body field to be in right relation & harmony with the Greater Plan.


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